Building Permit For Proposed Project


Building permit documentation or working drawings (construction drawings) which are usually referred to in the industry, are prepared in view to obtain a building permit for the proposed project. the drawings must comply with the relevant building regulations and Australian standards. Furthermore, the drawings are also used, in conjunction with other consultant documentation, i.e. geotechnical, civil and structural drawings, land surveyor, energy reports to obtain an estimate or quotation from a builder to construct your project.


Design, Renovations, Drafting & Building

Greenville Design & Homes specialise in both commercial and residential developments. This incorporates small home renovations right through to unit developments. We have a strong networking system. We liaise with all necessary parties, in order to make it a hassle free process. We take pride in our building, quality design and solutions. Greenville Homes design and building considers all client requirements while respecting the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

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