Greenville Design & Homes

Greenville Homes and Designs is a company that thrives itself on quality, honesty, reliability and consistency. When developing our innovative designs, the client’s needs and lifestyle demands are kept in the forefront. We are here to pay particular attention to the client and develop a quality design concept that suits their ideas, requirements and budget.

Our Vision

We aim to manage your building project efficiently, professionally and at a cost-effective price. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is committed to completing the job with excellence and will assist you in achieving beautiful results.

We have a process in place before starting any project that guarantees effective and efficient management to reach our goals. We prioritise addressing any questions or concerns our clients may have, particularly during the renovation process. We aim to complete the projects as quickly as possible while making the process as easy as we can. It is great to see our clients' excitement when they see the finished work. We love it when our clients are thrilled with the final results.                   


Design, Renovations, Drafting & Building

Greenville Design & Homes specialise in both commercial and residential developments. This incorporates small home renovations right through to unit developments. We have a strong networking system. We liaise with all necessary parties, in order to make it a hassle free process. We take pride in our building, quality design and solutions. Greenville Homes design and building considers all client requirements while respecting the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

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