Obtaining Planning Approval


Town planning is required for multi unit developments, or single dwellings that are on land sizes under 300m² or in some municipalities under 500m² or in some cases where a single dwelling may be affected by certain overlays, i.e. heritage or special building overlay (flooding) . The objective of this stage is to attain planning approval from the relevant council for the proposed project. This usually involves some kind of advertising, i.e.. a public notice advertisement in the local newspaper and notification to the adjoining neighbours. Usually a site analysis is prepaired which identifies all of the adjoining and surrounding properties in an aerial format, and shadow diagrams are provided, apart from the plans, elevations and sometimes sections that are provided.


Design, Renovations, Drafting & Building

Greenville Design & Homes specialise in both commercial and residential developments. This incorporates small home renovations right through to unit developments. We have a strong networking system. We liaise with all necessary parties, in order to make it a hassle free process. We take pride in our building, quality design and solutions. Greenville Homes design and building considers all client requirements while respecting the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

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